CFP Flyer

The conference organizing committee invites researchers worldwide to submit papers and share the valuable experiences with the scientists from the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1: Robotics

Modeling and identification;
Humanoid robots; Mobile robots;
Multi-robot systems; Mobile sensor networks;
Perception systems;
Intelligent autonomous systems;
Micro robots and micro-manipulation;
Visual servoing; Dexterous manipulation;
Search, rescue and field robotics;
Robot sensing and data fusion;
Localization, navigation and mapping;
Medical robots and bio-robotics;
Collective and social robots;
Space and underwater robots;
Cognitive approach for robotics;
Mechanism design and applications.

Topic 2: Control

Adaptive control;
Control system modeling;
Simulation techniques and methodologies;
AI, Intelligent control, Neuro-control, Fuzzy control and their applications;
Process control; Robust control; Process control;
Complex systems; Nonlinear systems;
Intelligent systems; Optimal control; Adaptive control;
Discrete event systems; Hybrid systems;
Networked control systems;
Sensor networks; Neural networks;
Control of biological systems;
Precision motion control;
Control applications;
Control engineering education.

Topic 3: Automation

Industrial automation;
Man-machine interactions;
Process automation;
Manufacturing process and automation;
Intelligent automation;
Factory modeling and simulation;
Home, laboratory and service automation;
Network-based systems;
Planning, scheduling and coordination;
Nano-scale automation and assembly;
Instrumentation systems;
Biomedical instrumentation and applications;
Building energy efficiency.